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Man peeing on big rig caught on camera by confused trucker

The incident occurred at a gas station.

Utah community claims seasonal truck-parking lot for drivers stuck in bad weather is “perhaps distasteful”

“We don’t want something being built that’s perhaps distasteful to people in the community already," said a council member.

Trucker awarded refurbished Peterbilt for referring drivers to employer

Employees of the company simply had to refer other drivers to the company in order to qualify for the drawing.

Plane-hauling big rig blows tire in-transit

The plane is going to be used at a hotel at the JFK airport.

Trucking school aiming to attract female drivers with women-specific advertising

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of women who have come into our program,” said a spokesperson for the truck driving school.

70 cows still at large following cattle-truck overturn

Volunteer cowboys were able to help round up the escaped cows.

Trucker who halted police chase thought he would “just pull out there and put a whoa on it”

The trucker was just getting coffee when he saw the "bad guys" being pursued by police.