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Big rig comes to unexpected stop on front porch of local residence

The entire family was home but no one was hurt.

Doctors say that the “enormous responsibility” of trucking jobs has led to a “higher-than-normal” rate of antidepressant usage

“I try really hard to emphasize they’re the person driving the truck. They’re not the truck...and they aren’t just a piece of equipment.” said a doctor involved in the study.

41 illegal immigrants found inside semi truck after US truck driver’s citizenship questioned

The immigrants originated from from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Thousands of hotdogs roast inside semi truck after big rig catches fire

Officials are still trying to figure out why the big rig caught fire.

Tow truck driver rushes to trucker’s rescue as he calls for help from cab mangled in wreck

The tow truck driver has family involved in the marines and the fire department, so he says helping people is in his blood.

Search for potential “Truck Stop Killer” continues as word spreads to local news stations

"I will definitely keep my eyes open now that I've heard about it," said a local trucker.

POLICE: Trucker lost control of rig as he “attempted to swat” bug inside cab

The wreck left plastic rolls strewn all across the roadway.