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Resident shoved and “grabbed about the throat” while confronting lost truck driver, police say

The city says they are now planning to erect signs warning tractor trailers to stay out of the area.

These are the ‘riskiest’ roads for truckers in North America

Four of the five roads listed are in close proximity to interchanges,

These are the riskiest days (and times) for truckers, according to research

Still, the study says that trucking is getting safer.

Big rig loses tire, driver notices 150 miles later

Police were able to locate the driver after receiving a tip from the mechanic shop repairing his truck.

Community nervous about big rigs after 285 pounds of illegal drugs seized from semi truck

Officers say that the drugs were coming from California and were on route to Ohio.

Armed trucker able to defend himself against gas station attacker

Police say the trucker was outside of a 7-eleven when a man suddenly attacked him.

Building seriously damaged after semi truck proves too tall to exit business following hot tub delivery

It is not yet clear whether the truck driver has been cited for the ordeal.