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Police: semi truck tears through two houses after driver falls asleep at wheel

The truck driver and his wife were taken to the hospital but only with minor injuries.

Confusion over contents of tanker-trailer nearly leads to unnecessary evacuation after motorist collides with semi truck, sparking a fire

The highway was shut down for around six hours and the surrounding areas, nearly evacuated.

Cab of rig burned to ground after truck, load of hay catches fire

The highway was shut down for several hours as crews worked to extinguish the flames and clear the destroyed rig from the roadway.

Spontaneous fire leaves semi truck “melted” at fuel pump

“Truck fueling on the backside of TA is down for an undetermined timeframe,” said a town spokesman.

Police suspect hit-and-run responsible for passing of trucker left injured on side of road

The truck driver was the father of seven children ranging in age from 3 to 17.

Doctors say that the “enormous responsibility” of trucking jobs has led to a “higher-than-normal” rate of antidepressant usage

“I try really hard to emphasize they’re the person driving the truck. They’re not the truck...and they aren’t just a piece of equipment.” said a doctor involved in the study.

41 illegal immigrants found inside semi truck after US truck driver’s citizenship questioned

The immigrants originated from from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Interstate closed for more that 11 hours following pile-up crash involving 38 people

The wreck involved a car, a pickup, a tour bus and a semi truck.