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Truck driver arraigned following accusations of abduction, rape

He is currently being held in the Erie County Prison on $250,000.

Driver claims dropped cigarette responsible for wreck involving two big rigs, tow truck

Both the driver who dropped the cigarette and the driver he crashed into were issued citations.

Trucking companies in Indianapolis say the city is “almost like a third world country” as theft on trucking lots increases

"Crimes like these hit small businesses hard," said a local trucking company owner.

BORDER PATROL: Near-freezing trailer hiding 18 illegal immigrants

The illegal aliens seemed to be in good health.

Man seriously injured after attempting suicide in front of oncoming tractor trailer

The unnamed man suffered a contusion to his forehead and broke bones in both of his arms and in his right ankle.

POLICE: $4.4 million worth of liquid meth found in big rig’s diesel tank

Both the driver and his passenger were arrested.

Stray cow in road leads to death of trucker

The driver and cow were both found dead on scene.

Trucker’s “wise decision” saves lives in busy intersection

“I didn’t want to get to the intersection… There was a line of cars and I had to do something,” he explained.