POLICE: Truck driver arrested after fleeing scene of accident involving two other vehicles

Officers found the female truck driver on a nearby highway later that evening.

Tractor trailer cut in half by tree after clipping branches

The accident shut down the roadway until mid-afternoon.

UPS looking for seasonal semi truck, delivery truck drivers ahead of holiday shipping season

There are around 100,000 total seasonal jobs at UPS.

Trucker shot in chest while shopping inside Flying J

Police have yet to find the two men who shot the driver.

Promises of expanded truck parking added to Indiana truck-toll increase deal

The deal has officially been made and will begin on October 5th.

Trucker’s mysteriously shattered window starts police investigation

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police.

Recent death of young female driver at truck stop has some truckers saying “it’s bad right now”

The circumstances surrounding her death are still a mystery.

FMCSA: exemptions will no longer be required for truckers with insulin-treated diabetes

The trucker's doctor now gets to decide if the driver is healthy and consistent enough to cross state lines in a commercial vehicle.

Neighborhood upset over “threatening” truckers parking in nearby vacant lot

"They’re not supposed to be parking here,” Marsha Spears, a resident of the area, said.

Semi truck goes plummeting into 200 foot canyon overnight

The driver was killed in the wreck.

POLICE: truck driver may have been “distracted” by dropped cigarette when he went crashing into three homes

The incident is still under investigation and no citations have been issued.

Bridge collapses beneath semi truck

The area has received around 16 inches of rain in the last few days.

Trucker gone “Noah’s Ark” rescues animals abandoned in path of hurricane

“Animals — especially shelter pets — they always have to take the back seat of the bus. But I’ll give them their own bus..." he said.

Indiana governor claims truck-only toll increase is not just a deal to “tax truckers”

"We didn't do the deal to 'tax truckers... we did the deal because it was brought to us," he said.

INVESTIGATORS: Mass shooter may have been targeting truckers after accusing truck driver wife of infidelity

“If you look at the time frame of when this occurred, from scene to scene to scene, it appears to me to be very calculated," said the sheriff.

Boy rescued from burning pickup by anonymous trucker

The truck driver who rescued the boy did not wish to be identified.