78 immigrants from as far as India discovered inside semi truck

A K9 alerted to the presence of either humans or narcotics.

Motorist stuck under semi trailer after striking pedestrian, fleeing scene

As the woman was fleeing the scene she just ran straight into the side of a tractor trailer.

POLICE: Two rigs plunge off two different bridges in the same hour

The two crashes were only 45 minutes apart.

Officials warn of upcoming I-10 shutdowns following damaging semi truck wreck

Drivers are urged to enter and exit I-10 at downtown that weekend.

POLICE: “wet, muddy” tractor trailer thief still on the loose

The man is facing charges of attempted murder.

Big rig hauling 520,000 packs of Ramen disappears from lot

That's $98,000 worth of Ramen noodles.

Big rig’s load of lettuce conceals $1M worth of marijuana

The load was being hauled from Colorado to Florida.

Police still searching for “wet, muddy” suspect following 100 mile stolen semi chase

"It was a deliberate act and wanton and reckless," said police.

Stretch of I-80 up for “full modernization” due to “a lot of truck traffic”

Traffic on the roadway is comprised of 25% semi trucks.

Head-on collision takes the lives of two drivers

A log truck and a dump truck collided head on.

North Florida Turnpike closed following serious semi truck wreck

Drivers are urged to avoid the area until further notice.

Driver who “used meth to stay awake” charged after crashing truck

The woman failed to attend her court appearance and the driver's court date has still not been set.

Police searching for truck driver inadvertently involved in “freak accident” death of elderly woman

The truck apparently kicked up a rock and it went through the woman's windshield.

Trucker and family thanks hero who pulled him from burning rig

The trucker will soon be healthy enough to be transferred to a hospital closer to his family.

Small town plagued with “chicken nuggets for blocks” after train collides with semi truck

Officials say that downtown was basically shut down for the duration of the cleanup.

Truck parking shortage in Nevada reaching “crisis” levels

"I hope a fix is coming," said the CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association.

Trucker saved after fellow driver pulls him from wrecked rig

The hero driver's Marine and firefighting training kicked in.

Man crushed while changing semi truck tire

By the time emergency personnel arrived he had already passed away.