Indiana trooper ticketed a slow driver in the fast lane and Twitter is loving it

Indiana trooper ticketed a slow driver in the fast lane and Twitter is loving it
Nobody likes being stuck behind a slow driver. When that driver refuses to get out of the passing lane, it's not only annoying, but dangerous. That's exactly why Indiana State Police Trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles stepped in. "The driver had approximately 20 cars slowed behind...

Trucker given citation for accidental tire blow out

The 62-year-old driver was issued a citation for Defective Equipment.

Unaware trucker damages nearly 20 cars with branch wedged behind cab

“Everybody’s mirrors, he messed everything up and then he just kinda went around the corner and went on his way,” said a witness.

Hero trucker says he “would do it all again” after being seriously stabbed at truck stop while defending a female driver

“Found a little blood in my lungs, but not enough to worry about. They say an inch more and it [the knife] would have hit my lungs," the driver said of his injuries.

Everyone unhurt after semi truck breaks free of construction site, barrels towards driveway full of children

"The timing of it. It was really God that was here. For me to come and to be out and to be in position. Just to be in position, we were all in the right place at the right time,” said an adult on the scene.

New research says trucking leads to poor mental health – these truckers explain why they stick with it anyway

Research says that almost a third of truckers traveling over the road cite loneliness as a top health concern.

Dates Released for 2018 Brake Safety Week

Any vehicles found with defective or out-of-adjustment brakes during this time will be placed out of service.

Truck driver of 22 years shares trucker “wish list” – a breakdown explaining how motorists can drive safely around semi trucks

“I’m convinced some folks just don’t know any better because nobody taught them," he wrote.

Naked suspect arrested for alleged attack on sleeping truck driver

Naked suspect arrested for alleged attack on sleeping truck driver
California police have arrested a man for allegedly entering a semi truck and beating the sleeping driver.

Truck driver “sick of waiting” arrested for dumping saltwater in hay field

"It probably won't be back in production for another year. . . depends on weather, rain," said the rancher of the fields damaged in the incident.

Virginia passes bills benefiting heavier semi trucks

The bills raise bridge weight limits and aids the government in collecting information about trucks up to 91,000 pounds.

Iowa man takes semi truck on a “wild and reckless” joyride through South Omaha

An Iowa man took a 2013 Peterbilt semi for a destructive spin through a Nebraska neighborhood, knocking down power poles, tearing up lawns, and significantly damaging the truck in the process. The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. on June 15, 2018 near South Sixth and Pierce...

Man found smuggling 55 illegal immigrants previously charged in human trafficking case

He was found guilty in a previous human smuggling case and of several other drug charges.

Semi hauling traffic signs breaks in half, blocks traffic

None of the load was spilled and no one was hurt in the incident, but the road did suffer some damage.

Spilled fireball causes partial shutdown on I-40

A wreck between two semi trucks sparked a fire and spilled the whisky.

Trucker fired, denied unemployment for using racial slur to describe self and others

The judge disagreed with the ruling but was outvoted by the panel.

55 undocumented immigrants, minors found in good health inside tractor trailer

Five of them were injured while trying to escape the trailer after being discovered.