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Officials warn of upcoming I-10 shutdowns following damaging semi truck wreck

Drivers are urged to enter and exit I-10 at downtown that weekend.

POLICE: “wet, muddy” tractor trailer thief still on the loose

The man is facing charges of attempted murder.

Big rig hauling 520,000 packs of Ramen disappears from lot

That's $98,000 worth of Ramen noodles.

Big rig’s load of lettuce conceals $1M worth of marijuana

The load was being hauled from Colorado to Florida.

Police still searching for “wet, muddy” suspect following 100 mile stolen semi chase

"It was a deliberate act and wanton and reckless," said police.

Stretch of I-80 up for “full modernization” due to “a lot of truck traffic”

Traffic on the roadway is comprised of 25% semi trucks.