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Government denies funding for semi truck travel corridor

The tractor trailer corridor was to be built as a way to connect several on ramps, off ramps, and a bridge, allowing for truckers to bypass a stoplight intersection.

Truckers escape fiery crash without serious injury

The initial crash caused a secondary crash as motorists slowed to observe the blazing big rig.

This woman got stuck in the undercarriage of a semi truck while attempting to flee police

She had two warrants out for her arrest when she made a run for it.

Town in Long Island passes law banning “disgusting” public urination “in clear sight”

Town Board Members say that, previous to the new ordinance, public officials were unable to write tickets to discourage public urination and defecation.

35 immigrants found piled inside cab of semi truck with driver

The immigrants were all found to be in good health.

Hours-apart milk truck crashes wreak havoc on I-93 in New Hampshire

Police are asking anyone with information regarding the crashes to contact them.

Trucker’s life saved by passing motorists

The rescued trucker rear-ended another semi, sending his own rig up in flames.

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