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Tractor, semi truck collide as tractor tries crossing highway

The tractor driver suffered a broken arm.

POLICE: Truck driver arrested after propelling ammunition “into the air to scare the other driver”

The driver soon pulled himself over and was then confronted by police.

Dog standing in middle of road leads tow truck driver to injured owner

"It feels good that I helped somebody," said the driver.

Woman gives birth inside of semi-truck-turned-mobile-hospital following hurricane Florence

She ended up naming her baby Avah "Storm," after her unique entrance into the world.

Coca Cola truck surprises nature photographer

It happened during the Harvest Moon.

Denny’s mobile diner is bringing free bacon and pancakes to those in need

“[My plan is] to serve and cook as many pancakes and strips of bacon as possible,” said Denny's CMO.

Top peeled from tractor trailer after driver forgoes signs for GPS instructions

Police have not said whether he will be cited.

Ford has revealed the prototype for their very own electric semi truck

It will also have some autonomous capabilities.