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Officials scrambling for solution as truckers refuse to use Indiana toll roads following truck-only toll increase

Citizens living off of these backroad highways have been noticing the traffic increase and are urging officials to do more than just post “no through trucks signs.”

J.B. Hunt says they’ve been recruiting drivers “very well” in face of trucker “shortage”

Actually, both independent drivers and trucking companies alike are reporting raised wages.

Trucker and family still searching for over-the-road companion lost during routine stop

"He sits right on the dashboard. That's where he sits. Right on the dash," said the wife and mother.

Yet another local ban on truck parking

City officials assure that the new ordinance does not apply to large pickup trucks.

Police, semi drivers participate in program to “supplement where driver’s ed. left off” for local teens

"When you hear it from police officers and you get to actually drive police cars through the courses, you have a better idea of how to deal with it in the future," said one of the officers.

Tractor-trailer turned mobile-cybersecurity-center is now touring the country

The rig's first stop will be at the national mall.

Truck driver “shortage” is creating better opportunities for current and in-training truck drivers

“Everything they [the public] touch, everything they buy, everything they need, and everything they use is on a truck at some point,” said the president of the Oregon Trucking Association.

Trucker stranded following truck fire gets help from kind-hearted state troopers

“The officers helped me a lot. Everyone was so nice. Thank you to all the people who helped,” the driver said.