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Police searching for truck driver inadvertently involved in “freak accident” death of elderly woman

The truck apparently kicked up a rock and it went through the woman's windshield.

Trucker and family thanks hero who pulled him from burning rig

The trucker will soon be healthy enough to be transferred to a hospital closer to his family.

Small town plagued with “chicken nuggets for blocks” after train collides with semi truck

Officials say that downtown was basically shut down for the duration of the cleanup.

Truck parking shortage in Nevada reaching “crisis” levels

"I hope a fix is coming," said the CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association.

Trucker saved after fellow driver pulls him from wrecked rig

The hero driver's Marine and firefighting training kicked in.

Man crushed while changing semi truck tire

By the time emergency personnel arrived he had already passed away.

Trucker caught making $26,000 off of batteries stolen from employer

He has since been taken into police custody.

Pedestrian cited after being struck by oncoming tractor trailer

The woman is expected to make a full recovery.