A list of roads said to be 172 times riskier for truckers than the average route was released by trucking data analytics company Lytx last week.

The information was presented on Sunday, October 28th in Austin, Texas at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition as part of Lytx’s ‘State of the Data’ presentation.

“The ability to determine the level of risk posed by other vehicles on the road, beyond just other large trucks, is a degree of insight only Lytx can provide,” said Lytx data analyst Ryan Brandos, who presented the study’s findings on Sunday.

According to the company’s research, the top five riskiest roads for truckers are as follows:

  • Pennsylvania Route 309: Near Vera Cruz Road, Upper Saucon Township, (South of Allentown)
  • Pennsylvania Route 309: Near W. Emmaus Avenue, Allentown (Southeast of Queen City Municipal Airport)
  • Pennsylvania Route 181: Near Crooked Hill Road, Susquehanna Township (East of Harrisburg Area Community College)
  • Tennessee Interstate 40: Near Green Hill Road, Dandridge (East of Knoxville)
  • Tennessee Interstate 24: Near Belvoir Avenue, Chattanooga (Southwest of Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport)

Four of the five roads listed are in close proximity to interchanges, and the fifth is near an exit/on ramp, which Lytx says are areas of “high driver volatility,” meaning the quick changes in driving speed and the need to make abrupt lane changes increase the likelihood of a driver exhibiting “risky driving behaviors,” not to mention the fact that these sorts of areas with multiple exits and connections “necessitate a greater amount of proactive and reactive driving.”

Lytx gathers this information with the help of truck drivers and trucking companies, analyzing the 100 billion miles worth of data collected by the drivers’ and companies’ experiences to create an overall analysis of the trucking industry as a whole.

“With this level of detail, managers and coaches can consider areas of concentrated risk so they can make informed decisions about the best routes for their drivers,” added Brandos.