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Motorists saved from serious wreck thanks to skill, quick thinking of trucker

The only injury sustained was a minor injury to a crane truck driver who incited the wreck.

Trucker’s Whataburger run goes wrong after truck rolls across busy roadway

The information regarding the citations issued to the truck driver, if any has not been released.

Semi truck perched on raised median after losing control on California highway

The semi truck was hauling storage containers and ended up lodged on top of a raised median.

VIDEO: motorist’s reckless driving forces trucker off road before joy-ride ends in wreck

“You should have stopped to give the cops the video. That driver needs his license revoked,” said one.

Trucker given citation for accidental tire blow out

The 62-year-old driver was issued a citation for Defective Equipment.

Unaware trucker damages nearly 20 cars with branch wedged behind cab

“Everybody’s mirrors, he messed everything up and then he just kinda went around the corner and went on his way,” said a witness.

Hero trucker says he “would do it all again” after being seriously stabbed at...

“Found a little blood in my lungs, but not enough to worry about. They say an inch more and it [the knife] would have hit my lungs," the driver said of his injuries.

Everyone unhurt after semi truck breaks free of construction site, barrels towards driveway full...

"The timing of it. It was really God that was here. For me to come and to be out and to be in position. Just to be in position, we were all in the right place at the right time,” said an adult on the scene.