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VIDEO: Trucker shares dash cam footage demonstrating “how pileups happen”

"Crap like this is how pileups happen," he explained.

Couple robbed at knife-point while inside semi truck

They stole cash, cell phones, and credit cards.

More than 250 truck parking spots added to Love’s Travel Stop network

The popular truck stop has opened two new locations and renovated a third in three separate states.

Woman seriously injured after piece of metal flies from tractor trailer, crashes through windshield

The woman was in a van behind the moving big rig and suffered a serious head injury.

Truck driver slows for stray dog in roadway causing three vehicle wreck

The dog is thought to be a stray that wandered into the road.

Trucker who inspired millions with touching ‘last ride’ video passes away

“My life was not a waste. I can see good that has come from my life whether it is at the end or whether I'm just at a bump in the road," he said in an interview just prior to his death.