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Drivers of commercial trucks will “no longer be assumed human” in laws and regulations,...

“It’s pretty significant,” said an industry analyst.

Loose strap winch breaks trucker’s collarbone after crashing through windshield

It is not clear if the driver whose equipment caused the incident was even found or cited.

VIDEO: Truck stuck in tight turn loses nearly entire load of beer

The company would not disclose exactly how much beer was lost.

Tractor-trailer turned mobile-cybersecurity-center is now touring the country

The rig's first stop will be at the national mall.

Truck driver “shortage” is creating better opportunities for current and in-training truck drivers

“Everything they [the public] touch, everything they buy, everything they need, and everything they use is on a truck at some point,” said the president of the Oregon Trucking Association.

Trucker stranded following truck fire gets help from kind-hearted state troopers

“The officers helped me a lot. Everyone was so nice. Thank you to all the people who helped,” the driver said.

VIDEO: driver who chose to “try to work his luck” in restricted area sends...

"His trailer got in the berm and the trailer pulled him over," said a construction worker who saw the whole thing happen.