A press release outlining tips for motorists driving around semi trucks was recently put out by a Michigan law firm known to take cases aimed at suing truckers.

The seven tips, while seemingly things every driver should already know, were sent out by Michigan Truck accident lawyers Elia and Ponto, apparently to help motorists “drive safely while driving on the same road as commercial trucks.”

“From the moment these losses [semi truck accidents] occur,” reads the website, “many of these big companies attempt to conceal or destroy important evidence or hire attorneys to mitigate their damages. The Law Firm of Elia and Ponto, PLLC are well aware of the legal complexities of these claims, and the deceitful tactics sometimes employed by the at-fault companies.”

The list of safety tips put out by the firm goes as follows:

1. “Avoid Blind Spots. An industrial truck usually has more unseen areas that block a more significant amount of room than a passenger car. This can make it much a lot more difficult for a truck driver to see a car.”

The law firm also recommends staying at least 20 feet ahead of or 30 feet behind a tractor trailer.

2. “Always use your signals. An essential security pointer you need to always adhere to while traveling around a commercial truck is to use your directional signal before you transform lanes around among these vehicles. Utilizing your directional signal will allow the truck driver to see your intentions as well as adjust appropriately so that you can make your motion safely as well as stay clear of a collision.”

Tip number two also points out that semi trucks are larger than regular vehicles and so need more time to maneuver through traffic etc.

3. “Give the truck room. Driving as well near a business truck raises the probability of being included in a crash.”

At this point, the press release also lists scenarios in which traveling too close to a tractor trailer may become an issue. “The industrial truck breaks instantly, causing the lorry to tip over or your car to move under its trailer… High winds create rollovers…. Tire blowouts that can hit your vehicle or shatter your windscreen.”

4. “Pass Safely. Additionally, it is simpler for a vehicle chauffeur to see you if you are taking a trip on the truck’s left side. Pass on the left while maintaining your rate and signaling effectively. Wait to merge back into the vehicle’s lane until you can watch its chauffeur in your rearview mirror.”

The release then suggests a motorist slow down whenever a big rig tries to pass, allowing the motorist to exit the trucker’s blind spots more quickly.

5. “Adjust your front lights. Constantly remember that your headlights could blind a truck vehicle driver as they reflect off the vehicle’s large mirrors.”

Here the lawfirm suggests motorists lower their lights if they see an oncoming semi truck.

6. “Prevent distractions. Diversions while driving take your focus off the road as well as controlling your car, placing everybody on the road at risk. You should always remain focused on the road while driving and stay clear of interruptions.”

The release describes interruptions as using your cell phone or car radio, eating, or speaking to passengers while driving.

7. “Use your seatbelt. Using a safety belt will undoubtedly protect you in case of a vehicle accident and is among the most effective measures you can require to lower the risk of experiencing an injury or fatality.”

Although the list seems to be contradictory to the way the law firm makes its money, as well as partially an advertisement for their services, the list of tips sent out by Elia and Ponto appears to still be rooted in a desire to prevent serious car vs. big rig accidents.

What do you think? Anything they missed or got wrong?