The trucking company involved in the crash with a school bus last week is being sued for injuries to a minor.

The accident happened in Bastrop, Texas on October 24th

According to KHOU 11 News, the semi truck was traveling along Highway 71 when it apparently ran a red light and struck the school bus loaded with 20 children.

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“The driver advised that he had a yellow light, he attempted to stop and his 18-wheeler would not stop. He took evasive action, hit the shoulder and could not stop, colliding with the school bus,” described the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Now, the parents of one of the ten children injured in the incident are filing a lawsuit against the trucking company, World Trade Distribution INC, for lacerations and a head injury that caused the minor to lose consciousness for around 10 minutes.

The exact reason for the crash is still under investigation, but lawyers involved in the case say that the lawsuit should help get to the bottom of the incident and help prevent such accidents from happening again. The lawsuit claims that the truck driver struck the school bus a full 13 seconds after his traffic light turned yellow.