A truck driver lost in a residential neighborhood ripped up lawns, knocked over signs, and even pushed a homeowner who approached him, police say.

The incident happened in Crescent Township, Pennsylvania at around 12:25 a.m. on Thursday, November 1st in the Wireton part of town.

Crescent Township Police say that witness Jeremiah Hall was letting his dog out at McKee Street and Division Avenue when he saw the big rig stuck in one of the yards. Hall, who happens to be deaf, approached the truck driver without realizing the driver was speaking to him, which led to the truck driver pushing Hall and grabbing him by the throat before getting back in his semi truck and leaving the scene.

“I had no idea he was talking, and then he pushed me. He grabbed me about my throat,” Hall explained. “And I got mad, and was going to follow him, and I thought I’d better not, so I turned around and came back home.”

Hall says that this is not the first time this has happened – another lost tractor trailer recently damaged the fence in his yard, reported CBS Pittsburgh.

The tractor trailer was described as a red rig with a flatbed trailer and Indiana plates.

The Crescent township police say they have since tracked down the trucking company and driver, who is already on his way to the company’s terminal in Kentucky. At this point, the names of the company and driver have not been released, but police do say that the company has shared video of the event to officers.

The city says they are planning to erect signs warning tractor trailers to stay out of the area.