Indianapolis trucking companies are saying the city has become “almost like a third world country” as small businesses are forced to beef up security in order to keep their equipment from being stolen.

Just three years ago, Taylor’s Truck and Trailer on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana was hit by thieves who were able to make off with more than 100 tractor trailer batteries in a matter of months. Now more recently, Celadon Trucking on Raymond Street has been robbed as well and this time the thieves did more than steal batteries.

According to WTHR News, the thieves were able to take about 30 semi truck batteries from the lot and even broke into one of the trucks and used it as a battering ram to open the lot’s gates and flee the scene.

The stolen rig was discovered around one and a half miles away with serious damage some time later.

It is not yet clear what Celadon Trucking on Raymond Street plans to do about the breach in security, but Robert Woodward, owner of Taylor’s Truck and Trailer, says that his business has paid dearly for the incident, spending $500 each month just to rent an electric fence for the property.

“It’s not pretty. It doesn’t look great. It’s almost like a third world country,” said Woodward.

“I mean, they use a lot of electric fences in third world countries and that’s what this city is coming to… crimes like these hit small businesses hard.”