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The Black Gold Rush

oil tanker
For those of you who prefer regional trucking jobs rather than long hauls, the recent boom in the oil and gas industry has created a huge demand for drivers. Every time a well is drilled into, there is a demand for truck drivers who can transport the equipment, sand, chemicals, water, and other products. According to an executive at Lone Star...

Driver Narrowly Cheats Death by Flying Tire

tire in windshield
A Canadian truck driver narrowly escapes a tragic moment when he was able to dodge a flying tire that crashed right through his windshield. One of the four wheels from a U-haul trailer in front of him snapped off and became airborne. It appears that his steering wheel blocked the tire from reaching him head-on. The driver was lucky and made it...

A Majority of Car-Truck Crashes Caused by Four Wheelers

As we all know, when a truck is involved in an accident with a non-commercial vehicle the truck driver is heavily scrutinized for liability. This could be because the vehicle is so large and weighs many tons; or for other less logical reasons. However, we wanted to know the facts. What exactly does the data say? The results, if...

The 5 Million Mile Man, Charley Endorf

Congratulations to trucker, Charles Endorf has driven 5 million accident free miles for Werner Enterprises.

The Man Who Wants to Increase Taxes on Truckers

In an editorial for the Morning Call, Journalist Paul Carpenter is adamant about increasing regulations for truckers. He points to a recent crash on Interstate 78 where a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a passenger vehicle, killing the motorist inside. The driver of the big rig was charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment...

Truck Driver Wins $648 Million Jackpot

$648,000,000. That was the jackpot in a recent California Mega Millions lotto won by truck driver Steve Tran. He is one of two winners and will split half the prize. Tran left the winning ticket on his dresser for two weeks. It was only after he saw a news broadcast announcing that the winning ticket was purchased in San Jose did...

Navistar Wins 2014 Truck of the Year

And the results are in.   American Truck Dealers’ 2014 Heavy Duty Truck of the Year has been awarded to Navistars' International ProStar. The International ProStar beat out Kenworth's T880 and Peterbilt's 579.  All trucks were tested under the same road conditions and judged on several criteria such as design, safety, innovation, and driver satisfaction. One of the main highlights, according to...

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