An investigation into a potential “Truck Stop Killer” that was first shared exclusively with LiveTrucking has been officially picked up by a local new station, warning truckers to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Cryptic messages hinting at a hidden body first appeared on a truck stop bathroom wall in New Mexico back in November of 2017, followed by several nearly-identical messages on truck stop bathroom walls in other states across the country, and New Mexico State Police officers have been on the search for the culprit ever since.

“Is this something that’s related? Is this something to be concerned about? That’s what brings us here today,” said New Mexico State Police Officer Ray Wilson to local news station KRQE.

“We don’t want to give too many details because we don’t want people out there re-creating a crime scene or sending false messages that’s going to hinder the investigation,” said Officer Wilson, but the messages are said to go something like this:

“The body is at milepost 123. You have to figure out which state and highway. TSK.”

As of today, July 13th, 2018 the messages have not been connected to any crimes or missing people, but police are still warning truckers to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious, including similar notes on truck stop bathroom walls.

“That’s surprising, I haven’t seen anything like that lately, or ever,” said truck driver Aaron Coty.

“I will definitely keep my eyes open now that I’ve heard about it,” said a second trucker Steven Rossi.

Anyone with information regarding the cryptic messages is asked to contact State Police at [email protected] or by calling (505) 863-1161.