The two deputies who rescued a trucker stranded in the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters were honored by the 100 Club this week for their heroic actions during a time of need.

Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston, Texas metro area and beyond on August 27th of 2017, leaving many people stranded in their homes and on the roadways. One trucker, Robert Roberson, found himself in one of those situations, stuck inside his cab after driving his rig into floodwaters along the Hardy Toll Road that were deeper than he had realized.

Luckily for Roberson, reporter Brandi Smith and cameraman Mario Sandoval happened to be filming a live news broadcast on an overpass overlooking the Hardy Toll Road and soon realized that there was still a person inside the mostly-submerged truck, and that person needed help.

Coincidentally, police deputies Major Marty O’Brien and Richard Jue were passing by with a rescue boat as the reporters attempted to flag down help, and the officers quickly jumped into action, lowering the boat into the water and retrieving Roberson from his waterlogged tractor trailer.

Because of their bravery and quick response, O’Brien and Jue were honored at the Houston 100 Club, an organization that provides financial support to the families of officers killed in the line of duty, and on Wednesday evening, May 16th, they were praised for their actions in front of a crowd, reported KHOU 11 News.

“You wish one day that maybe you would be able to be honored. Sure enough this year, it came to be. I’m very proud, very happy. The 100 Club is just a first-class organization,” said O’Brien.

Check out a video of Roberson’s rescue below.