A city in Connecticut has banned commercial trucks from parking on city streets for “long periods of time.”

The long-term parking ban went into effect on October 1st in Milford, Connecticut and applies to semi tractors, tractor trailers, boats and campers on city streets and does not affect the long-term parking of cars, compact “bus-type” vehicles, and pickup trucks used for private transportation.

According to the Milford Mirror, the ordinance came about over the summer after residents began complaining about commercial trucks “parking regularly on neighborhood streets.”

“The purpose is not to restrict normal commercial activity, rather to address the issue of commercial vehicles being parking perpetually on city streets for long periods of time,” said community Alderman Frank Smith.

“It will make our city safer,” added alderman Jeremy Grant, who also believes the ban will protect the city’s waterways.

City officials assure that the new ordinance does not apply to large pickup trucks.

“This is not going to affect their [pickup truck’s] ability to park in front of their house,” Alderman Anthony Giannattasio said.