A man driving a tractor suffered only a broken arm after colliding with a tanker truck while crossing the highway Tuesday.

The accident happened on September 25th in Westlock, Alberta, Canada.

According to The Western Producer News, a Pibroch Hutterite Colony tractor was crossing Highway 44 near the Irish Creek bridge when it was struck by a tractor trailer hauling double tankers, separating the tankers from the truck and sending both vehicles onto the grassy shoulder of the road.

A pickup truck then crashed into the tankers blocking the roadway, though neither of them were ruptured in the incident.

The driver of the tractor was taken to a hospital with a broken arm and the pickup driver was transported to a hospital for minor injuries. The truck driver was not injured.

Highway 44 was shut down for several hours at the Irish Creek Bridge as crews worked to remove the liquid propane from the trailers but has since been reopened.

The identities of the drivers involved, as well as any citations issued following the incident, have not been released.