Tennessee state troopers have figured out how to hide from motorist in plain sight — sit inside a semi truck. They’ll be keeping a lookout for distracted drivers, specifically drivers who are texting, from inside a custom Peterbilt semi truck.

Sgt. Josh Brown of the Tennessee Highway Patrol told Fox News that even though the truck is outfitted with a blue light bar and THP decals on the side, most drivers don’t realize that they’re being watched from a big rig. “Folks aren’t looking for rigs like this, that belong to us, that are used for these enforcement initiatives,” he said.

The truck’s higher elevation give officers a better view than possible in their police cars, and also helps them spot drivers who keep their phone below window height while texting.

Once an officer inside the truck spots a distracted driver, they radio an officer in an ordinary police vehicle to make the stop.

Lt. Bill Miller of the THP says they’re proud of the results they’ve achieved with the truck and know “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that the truck is saving lives on Tennessee highways.