An Arizona volunteer helped stop a trucker from making a terrible mistake recently after realizing that the driver was attempting to pull onto the highway with his dog still tied to the trailer.

The incident happened at a gas station in Ash Fork, Arizona earlier this month and, thankfully, has a happy ending.

In the clip, the Yavapai Sheriff’s Office volunteer’s dash cam films the truck making the right turn out of the parking lot. As the rear end of the trailer enters the frame, a dog can be seen tied to the back, running to keep from being pulled along by the truck.

The volunteer, who is generally not supposed to use his lights and sirens, then jumps into action, laying on the horn, hitting the gas and switching on his sirens before cutting off the still slow-moving semi truck to keep him from entering the highway with the dog still attached.

“A very grateful owner retrieved his pet and expressed deep appreciation for the VIP’s [volunteer’s] efforts,” wrote the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

“The driver was simply distracted and headed towards the interstate forgetting to unleash his dog. No charges are being sought… Patrol VIPs act only as eyes and hears (sic) when they are in the field, but this exception to use lights and siren to save this dog from injury or death has been deemed warranted by YCSO Command Staff.”