Semi truck driver miraculously survives after flipping big rig off overpass

Michigan police are investigating a serious crash involving a semi truck hauling steel after the driver lost control and crashed the truck off of an overpass for unknown reasons.

The incident happened at 4:41 a.m. on June 28, 2018, in Plymouth Township, Michigan. The driver was headed SB down I-275 when he lost control and crashed through the center median. The truck then slid down the embankment and onto WB Schoolcraft Road and burst into flames.


According to FOX2, there were pieces of semi all over the road. Amazingly, the driver survived the crash and escaped the vehicle before it was completely engulfed in flames. He was spotted walking around the scene when fire fighters arrived.

The semi truck was reportedly carrying over 100 gallons of fuel. In an attempt to keep the combusted fuel from spreading onto more of the road and into the nearby waterway, authorities gave it time to burn up. Then, a HazMat team came in to clear the scene.

The driver was taken to a local area hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

No other vehicles were involved.