A group of students at a Maine high school are carrying out the school’s annual “TrucksGiving” event, by putting together care packages for truckers who are on the road and unable to make it home for Thanksgiving.

Students at Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine, put together more than 100 packages, filled with bottled water, homemade cookies, snacks, a baseball cap, toothpaste, and more.

The students surprised truckers at nearby truck stops, hand delivering the packages on Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning.

The care packages also contained notes from the students, thanking truckers for their sacrifices and for keeping America rolling.

One note delivered to a trucker reads:

Dear Trucker,

We appreciate your hard work! Here are some goodies to keep you fueled up for the long haul!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Edward Little National Honor Society

This year is the third annual “TrucksGiving” event carried out by students at Edward Little High School.

“We love that they’re able to work when we’re taking a break. We’re giving thanks for what we have, so we figured we’re going to give thanks to the people who bring the food to our plate.” another student added.