If you’ve been in trucking long enough, you know that things can get weird. Really weird, really fast.

Most truck drivers have just accepted the fact that late nights, long hours behind the wheel, and truck stops full of sketchy characters can make for some unbelievable tall trucker tales.

But when we came across these eleven stories on a recent Reddit thread, we almost did a spit take. These stories are almost too crazy to be true — and maybe they are just a little bit embellished — but you can’t say that they aren’t entertaining.

1. Bear bites back

Bear Story

2. This’ll make you think twice about picking up an abandoned truck…

Abandoned Truck

3. Trucking has changed a lot since the ’70s


4. A real heart-stopper


5. Disappearing bloody footprints


6. Another reason to hate E-Logs


7. Happy Thanksgiving


8. No monkeying around at the truck stop


9. This no pockets prank


10. Bull hauler meets his match

Bull Hauler

11. The craziest story?