Firefighters from the Lancaster Fire Department prepare to extinguish several cars that burst into flames when this tractor-trailer car-carrier’s brakes overheated on Route 2 Monday morning. SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / SCOTT LAPRADE

A semi truck hauling cars stopped traffic on Monday morning, after its trailer brakes caught fire.

It happened on Route 2 in Lancaster, Massachusetts. According to firefighter Scott LaPrade, the fire started when the semi truck’s brakes overheated, setting one of the hauled cars ablaze. Sentinel & Enterprise reported that several of the hauled cars were damaged as the fire spread. Smoke clouded the sky and traffic was slowed as a result.

The truck fire slowed traffic, resulting in a crash between two vehicles that weren’t able to stop in time.


LaPrade commented that when he and his crew were working to extinguish the inferno, he heard a loud “boom.” Then he noticed that a large truck had crashed into an SUV’s rear. The collision sent the four people from the SUV to a hospital.

Their injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening. There were no injuries reported from the initial semi truck fire.

This is a developing story. The crash remains under investigation.