UPS Freight could find itself without 11,000 of its truck drivers by Monday if negotiations with the Teamsters Union continue to go south.

Every five years, UPS Freight and the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee, the Union representing UPS’ truck drivers, negotiate a labor contract, but this year negotiations have come to a halt. Neither side can agree on a contract, so UPS Freight drivers are threatening to go on strike if an agreement cannot be reached by Monday, November 12th.

The drivers’ demands include, higher wage increases, better pay for drivers who do dock work, less requirements for pension and vacation benefits, and restrictions on subcontracting. The strike has already been approved by members, but they say they feel it is a “last resort,” reported Business Insider.

UPS Freight Drivers have been voting on what is described as the “last, best, and final offer” UPS will make with the Teamsters since November 7th but the votes will not be counted until Sunday, November 11th, and if the majority does not agree with the contract, 11,000 UPS Freight drivers will not be showing up to work on Monday.

“It is an offer that rewards our employees with wages and benefits at the top of the industry and compensates them for their contributions to the success of the company,” UPS said of the contract.

“We are disappointed that the Freight Teamsters union leaders have chosen to announce the potential for a strike, should their members vote ‘no’ on the offer. The company has now begun discussions with UPS Freight customers to inform them of the potential for service disruption and the need to arrange alternative carriers,” they added.