The town of Manchester, Connecticut is looking to make it illegal for semi trucks to park on public streets.

The proposed ordinance would ban semi trucks, boats, and trailers from parking on the street, keeping the roads clear for residents and small business owners, but making life difficult for truckers passing through who are forced to stop once their 11 hours are up.

If the proposal is passed, exceptions will be made for the loading and unloading of big rigs, public utility maintenance, street construction, or general public or private maintenance. Driver may also apply to the police chief for a parking ban waiver, but these may last no longer than 72 hours. Violators of the parking ban may be charged a $90 fine for each day the vehicle is left sitting on the side of the road.

“One of the most persistent complaints from residents over the years has been the parking of large vehicles, particularly trucks, on town streets,” said Assistant Town Attorney Tim O’Neil.

The proposal will be brought to a subcommittee this month and will be brought in front of the entire town board in October.