A bicyclist was caught on dashcam attempting insurance fraud in front of semi truck on a dark portion of highway recently.

The incident was filmed on A52 in Nottingham, England and was posted to Youtube on April 3rd, where it has since gained nearly 7,000 views.

In the clip, the man on the bike can barely be seen driving in the middle of the highway as the semi truck quickly approaches.

“Watch out for this guy here,” passenger Jack Campion warns driver Elizabeth Aspey as the big rig draws closer to the bicyclist.

Aspey is able to successfully come to a stop with plenty of room to spare, but the bicyclist throws his bike and flops down onto the middle of the roadway anyway, carefully positioning himself on his back as if he had been hit.

“Excuse me, we’ve got a dashcam,” Campion shouts at the bicyclist through an open window.

“You might want to get going.”

The unidentified bicyclist then hops up and grabs his bike, holding it over his head and threatening to smash the semi truck’s windshield before backing off, pushing his bike along the shoulder of the highway.

“I just count myself lucky that I wasn’t alone and that I had the dashcam to film it all,” Aspey said of the incident.

Check out the clip of the attempted scam below.