A pickup driver looking for trouble was caught on a trucker’s dash cam recently after dangerously brake checking the semi and smiling at the driver.

The video was shared by William Keyser to the Trucker Feed Facebook group.

In the clip, a green pickup can is seen pulling ahead of the recording tractor trailer and slamming on its brakes. Keyser’s wife, who was behind the wheel of the truck, then swerves into the next lane, narrowly avoiding a collision with the pickup.

After causing the semi to swerve, the pickup driver waves and smiles at her.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but the video has left Facebook users full of suggestions about how the incident should have been handled.

“I would have sent that [motorist] flying,” said one user.

“So would I,” responded Keyser, “but my wife’s still an unseasoned driver. Told her not to swerve next time cause that can be worse.”

“I would hire a lawyer and see if they could go in your place. Video speaks for you. Later sue the guy for your lawyer cost in small claims,” suggested another commenter.

“He slowed down after I got a picture of his license plate and a picture of him and stayed behind us,” Keyser continued.

“By the time I got on the phone with the state troopers he had already exited… State trooper that called me back asked if I wanted to press charges and said that if they found him and charges were filed the court date would be set and we would have to show up in court… Not worth the time or money lost for a little pr*ck like that… I would just be happy with this video and pictures of him and his license plate going viral,” added Keyser.

Watch the clip of the incident below.