The truck driver who inspired millions by recording his last ride before beginning his battle with colon cancer passed away early Friday morning.

Trucker Delvin Simmons from Tulsa, Oklahoma, a driver of 40 years, found out about his stage four cancer during his first ever colonoscopy in the second week of May this year.

After the debilitating discovery, Simmons decided to devote his remaining time on earth to spending time with his family, inspiring others to never give up, and spreading the word about the importance of colonoscopies, reported News On 6.

Doctors say that, prior to his diagnosis, Simmons probably had colon cancer for 10 years, and that an early screening could have made all the difference, inspiring Simmons to bring awareness to the public by sharing his story and promoting early colonoscopies.

“If I had had a colonoscopy 5 years ago, this may have all been different,” Simmons explained.

In the last few weeks, knowing he would soon become too weak to operate a big rig, Simmons took his last ride in a semi truck with his son in the passenger seat, recording him as he sang “The Old Man is Dead” by Del Way, a song that has carried him through various difficult parts of life.

“I have never made it through that song without the Lord touching my heart, reminding me that he loved me and brought me out of what I used to be,” Simmons said about the video.

“I wanted to make that video for my kids in case I did not make the journey through this cancer,” he said.

“I have sat in this hospital and I have cried. Not for sadness but because I am overwhelmed at what God is doing with that song,” Simmons added.

“My life was not a waste. I can see good that has come from my life whether it is at the end or whether I’m just at a bump in the road.” – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |