A motorist stopped his car and began recording after noticing a trucker who jumped out his rig on a busy highway in Arizona.

The footage was uploaded by YouTube user David Tom on Friday, and took place on Interstate 40 in Houck, Arizona.

In the clip, the big rig can be seen stopped on the highway, with a door still open and the engine still running. The camera then pans to the side of the highway, where a man can be seen carrying something in his arms.

As it’s later revealed, the truck driver stopped his rig after nearly hitting a lost puppy on the highway, and ran out to rescue the wandering puppy.

“Did you find that puppy up there, man?” asks the motorist.

“Yeah, I was gonna keep him!” says the truck driver.

“I saw him and I really liked him. I almost hit him so I said I have to pull over and get him,” the truck driver continued.

The motorist then thanks the trucker, who introduced himself as Richard Duran.

“We appreciate what you’ve done,” says the motorist.

“I didn’t even close my door man,” continued Duran. “I had to go get him.”

Watch the full rescue below.