Trucker makes incredible save after child runs in front of his truck

A truck driver in Norway is being praised after making an incredible save in order to prevent hitting a child that ran in front of his rig.

The incident took place back in June, on a highway in Norway, but the footage was just recently shared online.

In the clip, a group of children are seen leaving a bus, when one of the kids attempts to run across the busy highway — in front of the oncoming truck.

Amazingly, the trucker was able to react immediately and stop on a dime, preventing what would have been a fatal tragedy.

The clip left many praising the trucker.

“An amazingly fast reaction plus great brakes,” wrote one viewer.

“I wouldn’t want to be that kid after the parents saw this video.  He literally leaped into traffic without looking.  Kudos on that truck driver,” said another.

Check out the footage below.