Highway 270 was shut down in Oklahoma Thursday after a truck driver attempted to move a charged power line so his rig could pass underneath.

The incident occurred on July 5th at around 3:30 p.m. in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

According to 8 ABC Tulsa, 53 year old Douglas Sumners was driving a 2013 Kenworth semi truck along Highway 270 with his driving partner, 52 year old Don Luper, riding on top of the truck’s load in an attempt to lift a cable line hanging over the roadway to allow for the big rig to pass underneath.

As Luper grabbed the cable, he touched a charged electrical line, shocking him.

Luper was then taken to the nearby Hillcrest Medical Center in critical condition.

Highway 270 was completely shut down for at least an hour as crews worked to clear the roadway and investigate the incident.

The roadway has since been reopened, but Luper’s current condition has not been released.