Trucker’s split-second decision caught on camera after motorist suddenly stopped on the highway

A motorist’s dash cam captured footage of a trucker pulling off a miracle save after a car suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway.

In the footage, which was recorded on another motorist’s forward and rear facing cameras, a sedan is seen abruptly stopping after approaching a fork on the highway between toll lanes. The sedan driver appears to get confused, suddenly slamming his brakes, and forcing the recording motorist to slam on his brakes as well.

A truck traveling behind the recording car is unable to stop in time and makes a split second decision to avoid ramming into the back of the stopped vehicles.

The trucker reactively swerves out of the way, narrowly dodging the cars and preventing what could have been a devastating pileup.

Thanks to the trucker’s quick reaction, no one was hurt in the incident.

Many viewers praised the trucker’s quick move.

“You got what you deserved. It is not the truck drivers fault and you pulled right out in front of him and then stopped. You are lucky you didn’t kiss the wall. Keep challenging a semi and you will lose,” wrote one user.

The video was uploaded by Youtube user ‘nairb107’ and has since gained over 10,000 views. Watch it below.