Pro driver: Trucker maintains control after being struck by oncoming rig

A trucker’s dash cam captured an oncoming semi truck crossing into his lane and sideswiping his rig on a dark, snowy highway.

The video was captured by truck driver Paul Beauregard on Highway 11 in Ontario, Canada.

The clip shows the oncoming truck crossing into the Beauregard’s lane and making sudden contact with his rig. Thankfully, Beauregard was able to maintain control of his truck, preventing would could have been a catastrophic wreck.

When it was safe, Beauregard pulled over and contacted local police.

“The police were shocked that only the mirror was touched,” he said.

“They said normally in these type of accidents the whole side of the truck gets it and trucks end up in the ditch. I told them, not this guy… It could have been much worse.”

“Drivers need to keep their distance in bad weather and have more patience. It’s insane out here.” he added.

Check out the dash cam footage below.