Dash-cammer captures oversize truck load striking 17 foot overpass

A motorist captured a dash cam video of an oversized load striking an overpass in Edmonton, Canada.

The video begins by showing a semi-truck hauling a large piece of machinery, approaching a bridge labeled with a 5.3 meters (17-foot 3-inches) height clearance.

The tractor trailer continues forward, scraping the top of the machine against the roof of the bridge and sending dust and concrete chunks toppling down into the road below.

The dash-cammer eventually catches up to the truck and finds it stopped on the side of the road, it’s driver walking along the nearby grassy median. It is not clear how extensive the damage was to the machine or to the bridge.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the driver had a permit for the load, but the load may have been incorrectly measured. The incident is still under investigation.

Watch the dash-cammer’s footage below.