A town in Long Island has approved an ordinance banning public urination and defecation after citizens claim that truck drivers are “urinating in clear sight.”

The new ordinance banning public urination and defecation was unanimously approved on Tuesday, June 5th at the Hempstead, Long Island, New York Town Board meeting.

Prior to the ordinance, police officers were unable to issue citations because the town of Hempstead had no law regarding public urination and defecation as part of their town code, reported News Day Long Island.

“The reason for this is, there’s been a problem — police couldn’t write a ticket,” said councilman Dennis Dunne.

“This is disgusting. Most of the time there are big-rig drivers or cabdrivers urinating in clear sight in our parking fields.”

Now that the new ordinance has been passed, Hempstead Town public safety officers, Nassau County police, and park rangers are all able to write citations for public urination and defecation.

Town officials assure that the law does not apply to “emergency medical situations.”