Boxes of chicken nuggets were strewn across a town in Tennessee recently after a semi truck was struck by a train, ripping open its trailer.

The accident happened on Friday afternoon, August 3rd in Newport, Tennessee.

According to WVLT News, a tractor trailer was traveling through downtown Newport when the unnamed truck driver claims he didn’t see the approaching train and began to cross the railroad tracks at the intersection of Main Street and Woodlawn.

As the semi truck crossed the tracks, it was struck by the oncoming train, completely destroying the big rig’s trailer full of chicken nuggets and spilling the chicken all across the intersection on both sides of the railroad tracks.

No one was injured in the crash, but downtown Newport “had to be effectively shut down” through early Saturday morning as officers guarded the 39,000 pounds of chicken nuggets from looters as they waited for cleanup crews to arrive and finish the job, cleaning up the refrigerated nuggets and clearing the wrecked tractor trailer from the area.

Traffic was also backed up for hours as officials waited for the okay to move the train from the scene of the incident.

“Chicken nuggets for blocks,” commented one resident.

“This is the first time I ever saw a big truck like that wreck [on those tracks],” said another.