Prime Inc. praises rookie trucker who avoided wreck in viral video

Mega-carrier Prime Inc. shared a now-viral video showing a rookie truck driver avoiding what could have been a nasty multi-truck wreck.

The incident happened in northeast Pennsylvania and was posted to Facebook by Prime Inc. on Wednesday, January 11th.

The driver behind the wheel of the recording truck, Thomas Crostic, received his CDL just days prior to the incident — on January 2nd, 2018.

In the clip, a tractor trailer passes Crostic’s truck on the left before suddenly losing control and jackknifing on the snowy road. Crostic was able to react swiftly and come to a stop, avoiding the jackknifed rig and preventing a much bigger catastrophe.

In a Facebook post, Prime Inc. praised Crostic and warned against driving too fast for conditions:

“This video was sent to us by Prime Truck 660803 and TNT driver Thomas Crostic (who earned his CDL through our training program on 1/2/18). This is what happens when you drive too fast for conditions (other company). This is what happens when you drive the appropriate speed for conditions (Thomas). Our purpose for sharing this is not to shame or bring to light the mistakes of other companies or drivers but to highlight that what we preach non-stop works…SLOW DOWN. Speed is not our friend. Make sure you are driving the appropriate speed for the conditions. Great job, Thomas”

The clip has been viewed more than 40,000 times, with many people praising the rookie trucker for keeping under control during the tense situation.

Check out the footage of the incident below.