Police say a truck driver crashed his rig while trying to swat a fly in Indiana on Thursday morning.

The incident occurred at around 9:35 a.m. on July 13th near Lowell, Indiana.

According to UPI News, 28-year-old trucker Christopher Walker was heading south on Interstate 65 jut south of the Lowell exit when a bug flew into his cab through an open window, distracting him and prompting him to “swat” at it. As Walker “attempted to swat the bug,” he took his eyes off the roadway and lost control, driving off the highway and into a concrete construction barrier wall, detaching the trailer from the tractor.

The force of the impact split open the trailer, spilling 42,000 pounds of plastic rolls all over the roadway, closing down a portion of the interstate for several hours.

Walker sustained minor injuries in the accident but refused medical treatment on scene. He was later cited for unsafe lane movement.