Rumors claiming that a Pilot truck stop removed an American flag from its flagpole because it “offended foreigners” have been denied by the popular truck stop chain.

It’s not entirely clear where the rumor began, but it seems likely it began on Saturday, May 5th with a Facebook post by Dave Moore explaining how, when he noticed the Pilot truck stop in Amarillo, Texas was not flying an American flag that day, he asked one of the employees inside why.

“I went inside the Pilot and I asked them … they said they had an issue with foreigners coming here and complaining, and they didn’t want to lose the foreigners’ business so they took it down,” Moore says in the video, which gained almost three million views in less than a week.

Some people even began receiving chain emails claiming that Pilot Flying J had made an announcement confirming that all American flags were to be removed from all their Pilot and Flying J truck stops, reported Snopes.

Since the spread of the rumor, Pilot Flying J has released several statements denying the claims, explaining that the flagpole at the Amarillo Pilot location was simply broken and that the employee who gave Moore the information about offended foreigners was simply “misinformed.”