A trucker’s dash cam recently captured footage of an oversized load ripping through the side of a parked trailer.

The accident happened on August 24th, 2017 on Interstate 80 near mile marker 369 in Western Nebraska. “The timestamp on the video is wrong,” wrote the video publisher.

The video begins with a view of a two-lane highway where a tractor trailer can be seen parked on the right shoulder of the roadway. A truck hauling an oversized load in the right lane approaches the parked truck and rips through the side of the trailer, spilling part of the parked semi’s load into the roadway.

The dash cammer continues driving, following the oversized load.

The dash cammer eventually catches up to the oversized load, which has pulled onto the right shoulder up ahead. The truck’s load seems to have been noticeably shifted upon impact and hangs off the trailer.

Despite the mess on left on the highway, no one was injured in the accident.

Check out the video of the impact below.