Nikola Motors reveals first look inside new hydrogen truck

New photos of Nikola Motors’ hydrogen powered semi truck have recently been released, giving us a first look inside the vehicle.

The digital renderings feature a large sleeper berth with bunk beds, as well as a digital dashboard and other touchscreen accessories.

On top of the photos, Nikola Motors also tweeted out some details about its new truck, Nikola One.

The company also tweeted about 8 of its upcoming hydrogen refueling stations, claiming that “all 8 will be the largest hydrogen stations in the world. Capacity 12,000 kgs daily each.”

The company has a total of 376 planned hydrogen refueling stations

The upcoming truck isn’t scheduled for production until October 2020. Even then, only 5,000 Nikola Ones will be built in Tennessee by Fitzgerald Gliders in 2020.

Full production will then begin sometime in 2021.

When that happens, Nikola Motors plans to have a “huge” party for its customers and partners.

You can check out footage an older Nikola One prototype below.