Motorists gone wild: Distracted driver skids on grassy median to avoid stopped big rig

A motorist was caught on a trucker’s dash cam speeding along a grassy median in order to avoid rear ending the stopped rig.

The incident occurred on Interstate 85 northbound at mile marker 88 in Lexington, North Carolina, and was posted to Youtube by truck driver Tami Potirala.

In the clip, the semi truck is stopped in a line of traffic when a dark colored sedan can be seen skidding along the median.

The sedan speeds several yards up the median before eventually spinning out and coming to a stop in a cloud of dirt and grass.

“Traffic was stopped going north for an accident when this idiot slides by me in the median at a high rate of speed,” wrote Potirala of the incident.

“Apparently someone is not paying attention to stopped traffic up ahead,” Potirala continued.

No one seems to have been injured in the accident.

Check out the video clip below.