A man was rescued from the inside of a chemical tanker after collapsing inside while cleaning on Monday night.

The incident occurred on June 4th at around 5:23 p.m. in New Castle, Delaware.

According to Delaware Online News, a man was cleaning a tanker at the Port of Wilmington Tank Wash at the 500 block of Lambson Lane when he became dizzy inside the tanker. The man then tried to exit the tanker but instead collapsed inside.

Members of the fire department then arrived and used a harness and pulley system to rescue the man from the inside of the tanker. Officials say that the tanker was previously filled with a type of wax food additive that “posed no inhalation hazard,” so they believe that the man’s collapse was heat-related.

Upon his escape from the tanker, the unnamed man reported neck and back pain and was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation in stable condition.