A man has been charged on multiple counts after throwing large rocks on at least two semi trucks in Arizona earlier this month.

The incident happened on April 18th in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Police say that they received a call reporting a man throwing large rocks at vehicles as they passed the intersection of 58th Avenue and McDowell Road. At least three vehicles were struck by the flying rocks, including two tractor trailers. When police arrived they found the suspect, 28-year-old Ernie Francisco Cienfuegos, at the intersection, rock still in hand.

Cienfuegos then ran from the police officers, who later discovered him sitting inside a car in a nearby neighborhood, reported ABC 15 Arizona.

He then denied any involvement in the throwing of rocks and claimed that he had been asleep at his friend’s house and had just woken up.

Cienfuegos has been charged with multiple counts of criminal damage for his actions.