The governor of Indiana is denying allegations that the upcoming toll increase for semi trucks is aimed at “taxing truckers.”

Governor Eric Holcomb is currently working on a deal with ITRCC, the company that leases the toll road from the state of Indiana, to raise truck-tolls by 35%, leaving regular motorists with the current toll rate and putting the cost of upcoming infrastructure improvements on truck drivers.

However, according to WIBC News, Holcomb points out that ITRCC says that semi trucks cause “10,000 times more wear and tear” than four-wheelers do but that they are not charging the truck drivers 10,000 times the rate motorists are paying.

“We didn’t do the deal to ‘tax truckers’,” Holcomb said.

“We did the deal because it was brought to us.”

Holcomb also claimed that truckers, as well as other motorists would get back what money they paid through road improvements that will benefit everyone.

“We’re putting 600 million into I-69, which truckers will enjoy,” he said.

“We’re putting 190 million in upgrades on (US 31), taking out all the stop lights, which truckers will appreciate.”

Holcomb also assured that, even with the increase, Indiana Toll Road tolls are still “well below market rate, much lower than (tolls in) Illinois, much lower than Pennsylvania,” and that with the improvements completed using the money from the truck-toll increase, the Indiana Toll Road will become the “most attractive means of travel” in the state.