A US Army veteran turned truck driver was awarded his very own semi truck in Houston last week.

The semi truck was awarded as part of Progressive’s Keys to Progress Program in partnership with St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund.

According to The Houston patch, winner and truck driver James Rogers was medically discharged from the US Army back in October 2014 after serving tours in South Korea and Afghanistan. He then began working as a truck driver for Prime Transportation, where he gained an impressive reputation for his humility, respect, and punctuality.

When Shannon Currier, director of philanthropy and development for the St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund, a program aimed at helping truckers, saw Rogers’ application, she knew he had to be one of the most deserving candidates.

“He was just humble and easy to talk to, and always saying that someone had to be more deserving than him,” Currier said.

“We just knew that this was the kind of person we wanted to give this kind of gift to.”

Rogers then received the keys to a fully loaded, brand new Freightliner semi truck.

“They blessed me with a truck, but they also blessed me with my own operating authorities,” said Rogers, pointing out how owning his own truck could allow him to work for multiple companies, not only allowing him to make more money, but also allowing him to make his own decisions.

Rogers says he plans to keep working for Prime Transportation, but looks forward to adding more payloads to his daily routine.

“This is gonna be a good thing,” Rogers said.