A truck driver recently captured an incident with a road raging FedEx driver on his dash cam.

The trucker explained that the FedEx driver grew frustrated after trying to move from the left lane to the right exit lane, but was unable to because the tractor trailer was in the way.

“He was mad I couldn’t move over to let him out at the last on ramp. I guess he didn’t realize I had traffic next to me,” the truck driver said.

In the clip, the FedEx driver can be seen pulling in front of the tractor trailer and slamming on his brakes.

The brake-check leads to a collision between both vehicles.

“That was nice… real nice…” says the trucker as both drivers pull over to the shoulder.

The driver explained that police officers arrived at the scene and reviewed his dash cam footage.

“Cops came and saw the video. They asked if I wanted to press charges but since there was minor damage I said no.”

“The FedEx driver’s boss came out so I figured he was in enough trouble already,” the trucker added.

Watch the dash cam footage below.