A tow truck driver wound up rescuing an injured elderly man recently after the man’s dog went out into the road to get help, catching the driver’s attention.

The incident happened on Sunday, September 23rd in Mariposa County, California.

According to KMPH News, tow truck driver Marty Hall Junior was answering a call in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Mariposa County when he saw a dog with a leash still attached standing alone in the road.

The dog appeared to have no interest in Hall, but he persisted.

“I tried to get it in the truck and I thought the next best thing was to make a video of it,” Hall said.

“It won’t come to me. I try getting closer it just wants to run away. Somehow it is exhausted,” he can be heard saying in the video.

“I’m gonna go ahead and leave this water for him. Hopefully he’ll drink it when I go.”

That’s when Hall heard something. He quickly killed his engine and followed the sound of a man’s voice until he found an elderly man named Paul lying on the ground holding the collar of a second dog.

“I saw him. I’m trying to comprehend what to do at the moment. The second dog was kind of aggressive toward me barking trying to get away from him. He had it by the collar and he was laying on the ground,” Hall explained.

The elderly man said he had gotten hurt at around 5:00 a.m. that morning after falling down an embankment and that he believed he had broken his hip. Hall didn’t believe that the dog would let him get any closer, and the man said he loved only a mile away, so Hall left to get the man’s wife for some help.

The three then called an ambulance who helped rescue the man and transport him to a hospital.

“Once we got back it was kind of a hip issue. I don’t (sic) want to try and pick him up and put him in the truck,” Hall said.

“It feels good that I helped somebody. I wouldn’t necessarily call it saving him. I told my wife I think I ruined his survival story.”

Hall says that he never got Paul’s last name and that he drove up to his home a few days afterward to check up on him, but that nobody was home.